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Wladimir Zabaleta

Wladimir Zabaleta is a Venezuelan painter who was born in 1944.

Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Menina' sold at Fine Art Auction Miami 'Paintings & Sculptures from the Latin American, Impressionist, and Modern Schools' in 2012 for $8,856.


School of Applied Arts Arturo Michelena, Valencia, Venezuela.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Industrial Chamber,

Auditorio Don Luís Peña Pérez, Valencia. Venezuela;

Ander Gallery, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic;

Galería Valenti en San Jose, Costa Rica;

Botello Gallery, San Juan Puerto Rico;

Centro Arte El Parque, Valencia, Venezuela;

La Previsora Foundation Gallery, Valencia, Venezuela;

Galería Espacio, San Salvador, El Salvador;

Latin American Auction, Sotherby’s, New York, New York, U.S.A; Luís Pérez Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Fundación Gabinete del Dibujo y La Estampa, Valencia, Venezuela; Salón Michelena, Ateneo de Valencia, Venezuela; La Previsora Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela; Arteconsult Gallery, Panama, Panama; Braulio Salazr Gallery, Valencia, Venezuela; Arte Wizo, Miami, Florida, U.S.A; Galería Espacio, San Salvador, El Salvador; Durbán Segnini Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela; Galerie da Art Lavallin, Montreal, Canada; Consulate of Venezuela, New York ,New York, U.S.A; Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bienal de Arte, Medellín, Colombia;

Galería de Arte Nacional, Caracas, Venezuela; Galería Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela; Casa de las Américas, Havana, Cuba; Galería Adler Castillo, Caracas, Venezuela; Galería Conkrith de Caracas, Venezuela; Salón Armando Reverón, Barcelona, Venezuela.


Fine Arts Museum, Caracas, Venezuela; Museo del Paso, Texas, U.S.A; Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Yobel Parra

Yobel Parra (1972, Venezuela) is a young artist who has exhibited across Venezuela in galleries and juried art shows, as well as in Italy, the United States, Cuba and Bolivia.

Parra’s painting feature childish objects in a playful, colorful setting. His works are as appropriate for children’s rooms as they are for adult spaces.


1989-1992 School of Visual Arts "Cristóbal Rojas". Caracas. 1993-2006: Founding member of the Create Foundation 10. Caracas. 2007: Founding member of the Foundation Creates 4. Caracas 1993-1996

Group Exhibitions

National Art Exhibition Aragua. Art Museum of Maracay. 1995: Hall Juan Lovera. Municipal Visual Arts Award. 1995: Young Artists II Salon Pirelli. Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas "Sofia Imber." 1995: 53 Visual Arts Exhibition "Arturo Michelena". Valencia. 1995-1997: III-IV National Biennial of Plastic Arts of Puerto la Cruz. 1997: XIV Festival of Youth and Students, Havana, Cuba. 2000: Mon Petit Art Gallery. Eleven Proposals. Eleven Artists. San Juan Puerto Rico. 2001: Gallery Galica. Winds in the Caribbean. Milano, Italy. 2001: New Faces of National Plastic.Monagas. Fundación Banco Industrial de Venezuela. 2002: Art Gallery of Mexico. Chicago. USA. 2002: II Latin American Meeting of Artists. Cuzco, Peru. 2002: Exhibition of Works of Art Venezuelan artists in the "Metropolitan Club of Chicago" and Ultimate Art, LLC. USA. 2003: II International Art Exhibition Bolivia. Cochabamba, La Paz, Bolivia. Sucre International Festival 2003. Bolivia. 2004: San Agustin Museum and Design Stamp Carlos Cruz-Diez. 2006-2007: Tribute to Armando Reveron, Ateneo landmark, Falcon. 2005-2006-2007: II Auction Fundana, Banesco City, Caracas. 2006: I Art Auction "Dishes for Life", Gallery FREITAS, Caracas. 2006: XIV Festival of Latin American culture Holguin, Cuba "From North to South." Holguin, Cuba.

Just Exhibitions

1996: "Children's Mosaic." Epatium Gallery. Caracas. 1997: "Memories of Childhood." Blasini Leo Gallery.Caracas. 2005: "Recent Painting" Gallery Venezuela. New York. Rewards • 1995: Honorable Mention II of the City of Caracas. • 1995: Prize of Painting "SEMORCA." III Arts Biennial Puerto la Cruz.

Julio Salas

Julio Salas was born in Caracas early twentieth-century .He was admitted in the former School of Fine arts when he was eight years old, where main subjects are drawing, painting and sculpture. Although modeling and sculpting excels Salas, his passion remains in painting. For eight years he regularly attends classes and learn as teachers teach Esteban Antonio Frias, Rafael Monasterios and Marcos Castillo.

Francisco Hung

Francisco Hung was born in Cantón, China, the 16 of June of 1937.

1956 Julio Arraga entered the SEscuela de Artes Plásticas, of Maracaibo, to follow painting studies with professor Carlos Añez Urrutia. Withdrawn this center, he marches to Paris in 1958 with a scholarship of the municipality and one registers in the Superior School of Beautiful Arts. In return to Maracaibo he participates in the activities of the contestatario group 40 Degrees to the Shade, and in 1963 he presents/displays in an individual exhibition first works of his well-known series "floating Matters" in the MBA, event that describes he to obtain in 1965 the Official Painting Prize, that was granted in the Annual Hall Venezuelan Art. This same Integra year with Gerd Leufert and Jacobo Borges the shipment from Venezuela to VIII the Biennial of Sâo Paulo and gains the Prize Felisa Lernier for a young painter there. He has made exhibitions, in addition to the mentioned ones, in the Gallery Logo and Gallery 40 Degrees in the hade, Maracaibo, and in the Circle the Golden Fish, Caracas, all in 1965. Also in the Room of the Athenian of Caracas in 1969 and 1987 and the Institute Zuliano of the Culture, Maracaibo, Zulia state, in 1975. In the Museum of Art the Rinconada was celebrated the first retrospective exhibition of his work, in 1985. He also obtained the first prize of the Hall Arturo Michelena, of Valencia, Carabobo state, and numerous you compensate.

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