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Juan Urbina

Born in Caracas on August 21, 1955

He is an advisor for “El Universal newspaper campaign “Support to Venezuelan Fina Arts Artists”

He is a Founding member of “Fundacion Cultural Artistas de Petare (Caracas)


1982-84 Painting and Drawing

Cristobal Rojas School of Fine Arts

1984-85 Engraving

Cristobal Rojas School of Fine Arts


1994 “False Figures”, Contemporary Art Gallery Tito Salas.

1995 “Internal Shipwreck”, Art Studio ‘Rafael Rivas Valiente’ Los Chorros.

1997 “Homage to the Fakir”, UNO Gallery

1998 “Storytellers of America”, La Previsora Foundation

FIA (Hispanoamerican ArtFair), Caracas Hilton

Individual Exhibit , Gallery Hausman, Hamburg,

1999 Dreams in a Circus, La Previsora Foundation

2000 Avenue Gallery Cleveland, Ohio, USA

2001 “Circus”, Mon Petit Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico


1992 First Prize

At the Painting Show Room, Sucre Autonomous Municipality.

1993 Special Mention

Petare Show Room, Sociedad Maraury


Juan Urbina's work is represented in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA) in Long Beach, CA

Victor Millan

Victor Millan (1929, Punta de Araya, edo. Sucre - 1991, Chorus, Edo. Falcon)

Venezuelan naive painter. Once you know Feliciano Carvallo, it becomes his friend and protector, in fact, employed by Carvallo reinterprets resources, such as using the support coated with a monochrome background of industrial paint, which applied for the warmth or coolness chromatic of his work

Francisco Vadillo

Francisco Vadillo

Birth and Spanish contemporary artist, will be doomed to another painter Avila as a reason. So much so that its blue skies, and light purple mountain surrounded by the verdant golf courses have left a mark on the iconography of the national park. Given the strong emphasis that made generations of beginning of S. XX in painting from life, it is curious that this artist living in Spain. He, on the contrary of his successors, painted from memory. We can infer that memory is linked to emotions, the senses, which impels him to recreate the great mountain wistfully Venezuela. The result is a radiant Avila, a city overlooking urban stripped of its defects.

Habdaphai "Painter of Martinique"

Habdaphaï is a painter Martinique born in 1960 in Fort-de-France . Il a suivi une formation en art graphique au service d'action culturelle et au centre municipale des BEAUX ARTS de la ville de Fort-de-France. He has trained in graphic art in the service of cultural action and municipal FINE ARTS center of the city of Fort-de-France.

Habdaphaï exhibitions in 1997 - Musée Saint-James à Sainte-Marie - Museum St. James St. Mary - Casa de las Americas, La Havane à Cuba - Casa de las Americas, Havana, Cuba - Espace Pierre Reverdy, Nanterre en France) - Espace Pierre Reverdy, Nanterre, France) - « Caribean Art » Lamentin , en Martinique - "Art Caribean" Lamentin , Martinique - Alliance Française à Sainte-Lucie - French Alliance in St. Lucia - Bibliothèque Schoelche r, Fort-de-France en Martinique - Library Schoelche Dr., Fort-de-France, Martinique - Galerie Subito, Fort-de-France en Martinique - Gallery Subito, Fort-de-France, Martinique - Festival Culturel de Fort-de-France en Martinique - Cultural Festival of Fort-de-France, Martinique - Office du Tourisme de la Martinique à Paris - Tourist Office of Martinique in Paris - « Les peintres de l'Outre-mer » à Paris - "The painters Overseas" in Paris - « Caraïbe-Suède art contemporain » Suède - "Caribbean contemporary art-Sweden" Sweden - Indigo 1996 en Guadeloupe - Indigo 1996 in Guadeloupe - Casa de Bastidas, Saint Domingue en République Dominicaine - Casa de Bastidas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Casa de Francia, Saint Domingue en République Dominicaine - Casa de Francia, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - 5 ième Biennale Internationale de peinture Cueca en Equateur - 5 th International Biennial of painting Cueca in Ecuador

Habdaphaï exhibitions in 1998 - Colonie action j'aime (Chorum, Martinique) - Colony action I like (Chorum, Martinique) - Reste de nez grillé (Chorum, Martinique ) - Rest nose blown (Chorum, Martinique) - Cahier de bord, Musée Saint-James en Martinique - Specifications panel, Musée Saint-James in Martinique - Musée de l'Outre-Mer à Nantes - Museum of Overseas Nantes - Espace Art Galerie en Guadeloupe - Space Art Gallery Guadeloupe - « Aller Simple » Tri postal à Fort-de-France - "One Way" Tri Postal in Fort-de-France - Maison du Conseil Général, Cambrai 59 - House of the General Council, 59 Cambrai - Orly Sud à Paris - Paris Orly South - Salon d'Art Contemporain de Montjoly, Guyane - Exhibition of Contemporary Art Montjoly, Guyana - Pastel Aquarelle, Atrium CMAC , Fort-de-France - Pastel Watercolour, CMAC Atrium , Fort-de-France - Salon des peintres de l'Outre-Mer à Paris - Salon painters Overseas in Paris - KNA Studio à Nantes - KNA Studio in Nantes - Pigeon Vol, Côte d'Ivoire - Pigeon Flight, Côte d'Ivoire - 30 ième salon d'art contemporain de Cagnes-sur-Mer - 30 th exhibition of contemporary art in Cagnes-sur-Mer - Prêt à poster, 150 ième anniversaire de l'esclavage en Martinique - Ready, 150th anniversary of slavery in Martinique - Calendrier « AIDES MARTINIQUE » - Calendar "AIDS MARTINIQUE"

Habdaphaï exhibitions in 1999 - Solidarit'Art, La Paroissiale Danse Théâtre, Marin en Martinique - Solidarit'Art, The Parish Dance Theatre, Marin in Martinique - Galerie Casanove en Guadeloupe - Gallery Casanove in Guadeloupe - Festival La plume Noire, Mairie de Montreuil Paris - The pen Festival Black Mairie de Montreuil Paris - Vues d'Afrique, Montréal Canada - Vues d'Afrique, Montreal, Canada - La Galleria Saint Domingue en République Dominicaine - The Galleria Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Presencia de la pintura Latino-Américana de Hoy, Porto-Rico - Presencia of Latino-Americana pintura Hoy, Puerto Rico -Memoir'sens, Chorum au Marin en Martinique -Memoir'sens, Chorum to Marin in Martinique - Cris, Galerie Art Pluriel, Batelière Shoelcher en Martinique - Cris, Art Gallery Pluriel Batelière Shoelcher in Martinique - KNA Studio, La Roche Bernard, Morbihan France - KNA Studio, La Roche Bernard, Morbihan France

Public collections Habdaphaï - Centre Culturel de Sevran, ARDTM Martinique - Cultural Centre Sevran ARDTM Martinique - Conseil Général de Martinique, Musée Paul Gauguin du Carbet - General Council of Martinique, Gauguin Museum Carbet - Mairie de Fort-de-France, Ville du Lamentin - City of Fort-de-France, City of Lamentin - Ville des Anses d'Arlets - City of Anses Arlets - Musée Saint-John Perse, Las Casas Reales - Musée  d'Art Contemporain de Saint-Domingue - Museum of Contemporary Art in Santo Domingo

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