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Elena Acevedo

Mexicana, with a short career in art, I come from a family dedicated to art. I learned drawing and oil technique in the study of Mexican master Efrain Castro graduated from the Academy of San Carlos, located in the Mexican capital. Later I learned pencil portrait, drawing and other techniques more about oil technique.

I have participated in some contests in the newspaper Mural in Jalisco and have outlined some of my works at the Institute of Jalisco Handicrafts. I am a member of the integrated TLAMAQUI CIPLAM PALI.

In my work I like to express warm bright colors, maybe an occasional dark but colorful sparingly to give me great pleasure.

In my work represent my country and I am proud to know Mexico is appreciated outside the, much more.

Background of the Artist:

Diploma of computing where knowledge acquired drawing.

Technical drawing and oil painting in the studio of renowned maestomexicano Efrian Castro with a long history in the art academy graduate of San Carlos out in the garden art sullivan DF.

Other techniques such as charcoal, drawing in perspective with master Miguel Herrera graduated from the Academy of San Carlos, located in the City.

Key Individual Exhibition:

- Recognition 4th. State Contest handmade creation

-Mural Contest 2009

-Mural Contest 2010

-Bicentennial Exhibition 2010 Guadalajara, Jalisco

-Mural Contest 2011

-Enart 2011 at Centro Cultural El Refugio Tlaquepaque, Jalisco

Major Awards:


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